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DaraNicole Hair Accessories

Your hair is a masterpiece, show it off!


With the pandemic and economic recession, there is a new phrase in town, 'new normal.' Despite the lockdowns, work from home and reduced social interactions, our wide range of items provide you with simple skin, hair, nails, fragrance and health tools and products that will give you all-round beauty and wellness.♡

Your hair at its best

Beautiful hair demands beautiful care!

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Get the glow

Who says there's no such thing as natural beauty? Reveal your beautiful attractive skin with our products.

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Polish your Appearance

Beauty First

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Wiri Scents Range

Wiri Scents reed diffusers are handcrafted in the UK, with scents from Africa, creating the perfect home fragrance. 

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Unique Design Candle Holders

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Adorn Your Nail Sense

Flaunt your manicured nails with our affordable nail varnishes and glitter sets.

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Skincare needs? Hair needs? Nails need polishing? Healthy habits wanted? Scents that create a feeling of wholeness? All sorted in this store. Say, 'NO' to self-neglect by shopping with us. You deserve 100% care whether or not anyone is watching!

Love always, TH&BV